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An extensive amount of air pollution and its impact on climate change are due to chemical emissions like CO2 (carbon dioxide), CO (carbon monoxide), PM 2.5 (particulate matter), and SO2 (sulfur dioxide), which are released from gas and fuel based automobiles that we drive today. This is important because the bad air quality is affecting our health, leading to hospitalizations and bringing us to the point of mortality. However, there are now better options: electric vehicles (EVs). The three types of electric vehicles are PEVs (plug-in), BEVs (battery), and HEVs (hybrid). What truly is the best option? In order to decide, there will be content analysis and correlation studies of quantitative research from data sets to see vehicle contribution to air pollution to health, gas and ICEVs (internal combustion engine vehicles) vs electric vehicles, ICEVs vs HEV vs PHEV vs BEV, and BEVs being the best option. My desired outcome is to prove BEVs the best option and my purpose is to help buyers make the best decision in purchasing a car environmentally and healthwise.



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Car Types to Pollution and Health: What’s the Best Option?