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As humans, none of us want to go to prison. The main reasons being the lack of mobility and poor living conditions. However, have you ever thought about why these conditions are "bad" and why that is the stereotype of a prison? This emblematic of the pattern of worldwide human rights violations towards prisoners. Countries with poor prison conditions are reported on in their yearly human rights report. They are also in violation of several Mandela Rules, the 2015 updated version of the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, an extension of violation of human rights. I will ask why some states create punitive penal systems while others pursue rehabilitation, with a focus on colonization as a factor. Are countries more likely to punish prisoners if it was created or colonized out of violence? I will review and evaluate literature about penal versus rehabilitative prisons, and compare their policies depending on the history of a state as a colony/colonizer. I will study this by quantifying data through Professor Cingranelli's quantitative research methods. These aid us in identifying why the current problems in the prison system are global and help guide us towards steps to resolve the epidemic.



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Impact of Colonialism on a States' Punitive Policies