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Everyone believes they affect something more than they do. Last semester, a study was done to see how students believed they affected the local Binghamton economy and over 80% believed they contributed to a majority of the economy, when in reality they only contributed about 13%. This leads into questions about if where people come from can affect how much a student believes they affect the economy. For this research, first year students at Binghamton University will be studied to see if where they grew up affect how they think they affect the local economy. A survey will be given out with questions regarding where these subjects grew up and how much they believe they affect the local economy of Binghamton. It's believed that students from richer areas will believe they have a bigger effect on the economy than those from poorer areas. This can help lead to a bigger understanding on how implicit biases- feelings that people have without realizing it- work and what affects them. It can also lead to helping businesses learning how their consumer base looks at their effect on them and they can adjust accordingly.



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The Effect of Where You Live and How You View the Binghamton Economy