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As the energy density of conventional Li-ion batteries approaches its limit, other chemistries such as multi-electron redox offer a way to further the development of energy storage on the cathode side of a battery. Na2CoSiO4 (NCSO) has the potential to exploit the multi-electron redox process to increase energy density, while lowering cost of production due to the ubiquity of Na. Our experiments show a successful synthesis of pure NCSO, which undergoes a reversible charge/discharge process with one Na ion, but it is not known what occurs past one Na extraction. We expect to discover what kinetic and thermodynamic barriers effect the mobility of the second Na ion. Our research shows that NCSO is a promising cathode material for its low cost and high energy density potential, which could offer a viable material for large scale electrochemical energy storage.



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Exploring Multi-electron Redox for Na-ion Battery Electrodes