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Congressional campaigns are often difficult for voters to follow and understand, leading to an uninformed electorate voting for virtually unknown representatives. This project will identify major issues in the district and list the policy stances of Congressional candidates running in the NY-22 with the purpose of informing potential voters. This project will also predict the outcome of the November general election, based on prior elections’ voting statistics in the NY-22 and proven typical voting behaviors in peer-reviewed political science journals. I utilize interviews with experts and campaign officials, campaign websites and events, regional news coverage, and various peer-reviewed papers to accomplish those goals. Interviews have raised these top issues in NY-22: agriculture (specifically dairy farming), the opioid crisis, flooding, lack of jobs leading to population loss, veterans, and overall infrastructure. Among the voting behaviors that affect elections are issue accountability, fusion, identity politics, and voters’ ideological proximity to candidates.



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Issues and Voter Tendencies in the NY-22