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Platinum-based alloys have been extensively shown to be effective catalysts in oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and the Pt3Ni (111) surfaces were demonstrated to enhance ORR catalytic activity. Also, the order of platinum and nickel atom in the alloy influences the performance of the catalyst. To make sure this promising surface can be applied to practical nanocatalysts, and make the platinum and nickel atoms place orderly, we design a wet-chemical approach to synthesize Pt3Ni octahedral alloys of which all the surfaces can be taken as the (111) surface. We expect that our work will show that the nano octahedra of Pt-Ni can be produced stably and the platinum and nickel can arrange orderly. We also expect that our work will show that this synthetic method may be extended to the preparation of more shape-controlled catalysts.



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Synthesis of Pt-Ni nano octahedra