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Human trafficking is not something that happens in a specific area, and it is not something that happens to a specific type of person. I live in Atlantic County in South Jersey, and although I have never met a person involved in trafficking, Atlantic County has a significant number of human trafficking cases. According to the national human trafficking hotline, in New Jersey there have been 120 human trafficking cases reported this year. Working closely with the Chief Assistant Prosecutor in Atlantic County Danielle Buckley, my project examines human trafficking cases that have been prosecuted there. In 2013, the New Jersey statute defining human trafficking was revised and updated. Thus I consider how Buckley prosecuted cases before and after the new statute was enacted. Specifically, my research involves looking at how the trafficking statutes have evolved over time, and evaluating shifts in outcomes of specific cases. The purpose of my project is to examine the impact that this specific statute update has had on the legal process that takes place in the prosecution of human trafficking cases.



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Legal Shifts in Relation to Human Trafficking in Atlantic County