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Asexuality is defined as the non-experience of sexual attraction, but if humans are naturally sexual beings then the assumption is that asexuality must not be natural. This research explores the idea of asexuality as part of human nature. We reviewed literature on the topic of asexuality and administered a survey. The survey was released on five different platforms and received nearly 600 responses, the majority from individuals identifying on the asexual spectrum. The survey addressed understandings of asexuality and experiences of both asexual and non-asexual individuals. Almost all survey participants believed that asexuality is natural, however, approximately two-thirds also believed that humans were naturally sexual. We are advocating for further research into sexuality and the interaction of cultural views of what is "natural" with sexual expression as well as the misconceptions and intolerance towards asexuality.



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Assumptions about the Nature of Sexual Attraction and Asexuality