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In ordinary language, what is said 'being' is so-called in several different ways. In his attempt to clarify this important point, Aristotle introduces distinctions that are not as easily grasped as one might at first believe. Commentators are particular troubled by what 'being per se' means, especially in relation to the 'categories'. Some of them are also surprised to see that Aristotle leaves no room for what one might call 'existential being.' And other aspects of Aristotle's account raise additional problems. I hope to contribute to a more successful understanding of Aristotle's general aim in this text.


Richard Bodeus presented “Being according to Aristotle’s Metaphysics Delta.” to the Society's meeting with the American Philological Association in Atlanta in 1994. This material was later incorporated in his "Métaphysique - Livre Delta Broché – 1 septembre 2014", written with Annick Stevens.

For information about the author, see Wikipedia “Richard Bodéüs”