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Are there any distinctive contributions that the EE, as opposed to the NE, makes to the study of ethical method? The fact that the Eudemian environment is particularly hospitable to endoxic method by comparison with the NE is surely worthy of note, even extended examination. We look first at undoubtedly NE passages for methodological remarks, noting how spare such as can be found really are when compared with undoubtedly EE material. Eventually we shall be in position to suggest that it is the EE and not the NE which must be given the credit for containing the fullest account of a fully self-conscious employment of endoxic method in ethics, the same general method that commentators are so ready to see at work in other important Aristotelian works such as the Physics and Metaphysics.


Lawrence Jost presented “Eudemian Ethical Method” at the meeting of the Society with the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association in Washington DC in 1985. A revised version was published in John P. Anton & Anthony Preus, eds. 1991. Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Vol. IV: Aristotle’s Ethics. SUNY Press, 29-40.

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