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Assuming that Anaxagoras was responding to Parmenides, I shall examine the nature of his response. I aim to show that the fragments and other evidence can and should be interpreted as belonging to a system whose main purpose is to provide an apparatus for explaining change without "coming to be" or "perishing".


David J. Furley presented “Anaxagoras' Theory of Change: A Response to Parmenides” at the meeting of the Society with the American Philological Association in Washington DC in 1975. A longer version was Published in Canadian Journal of Philosophy suppl. II (1976) 61-85, with the title "Anaxagoras in Response to Parmenides," and reprinted in John P. Anton & Anthony Preus, eds.1983. Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy, vol. 2. SUNY, 70-92.

For information about the author, see Wikipedia: "David J. Furley" (in German)