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This paper is part two of an argument that Socrates is an agent-neutral perfectionist (like J. S. Mill) rather than an agent-relative perfectionist (e.g. in Crime and Punishment, the egoist Raskolnikov and the altruist Sophie). The argument is based on Plato's Lysis.


George Rudebusch presented “Socratic Perfectionism II” to the Society at its meeting with the Pacific Division in San Francisco in 2001.The other part of the argument was published as “Socratic Perfectionism” in Naomi Reshotko, ed. 2004. Plato and Socrates: Desire, Identity, and Existence. Academic Press. 127-141. George Rudebusch has published two books on Socrates: prior to the Society presentation, in 1999, Socrates on Pleasure and Value, Oxford University Press, and in 2009, Socrates Wiley-Blackwell.

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