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Aristotle's metaphysical theory of individual objects and their essences is preeminently aimed at formulating and resolving several fundamental issues regarding biological objects, living things. For this reason the biological writings are in some ways a better resource than the Metaphysics for a vivid intuitive conceptualization of what 'substantial being' concretely comes to.


Montgomery Furth presented “Morphogenesis: Some Elements of Aristotelian Embryology and Some Ontological Ramifications” to the meeting of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy with the Eastern Division of the American Philosopical Association in New York, 1975. He clearly was working on a book of which this was meant to be a part; see his book Aristotle’s Metaphysics Zeta Eta Theta Hackett 1985. This paper was meant to be a part of a different book, as is made clear in the paper.

UCLA posted this notice:

Montgomery Furth, Philosophy, Los Angeles.


It was on August 3, 1991 that Montgomery Furth passed away due to cancer of the larynx at the age of 58. He came to UCLA on July 1, 1959 and made a great contribution to the UCLA community until his retirement on July 1, 1991. His many talents and achievements at UCLA were respected by his colleagues.

Montgomery's death has been a great loss to those who knew him well and to the field that no longer possesses his talent. He shall be missed immensely by those he has touched with his knowledge and wisdom.

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