Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 4-2020



First Advisor

Randall H. McGuire, Ph.D

Second Advisor

Ruth M. Van Dyke, Ph.D.


Social Sciences

Subject Heading(s)

Excavations (Archaeology) -- Mexico -- Sonora (State); Sonora (Mexico : State) -- Antiquities; Indians of Mexico -- Mexico -- Sonora (State) -- Antiquities; Indian pottery -- Mexico -- Sonora (State)


This thesis focuses on the classification of Trincheras plainware pottery. Trincheras plainware ceramics classifications and their applications have been reexamined in recent years due to an expansion of research. My participation in laboratory research of recently excavated Trincheras pottery was conducted during the 2018 field season of Proyecto Tradicíon Trincheras- in Sonora, México. This project was led by Randall McGuire and Elisa Villalpando. I organized two preliminary studies on ceramics from the Sonoran sites of La Potranca (SON:F:2:4) and San Martin (SON:F:2:82). This paper attempts to illustrate the chronological and typological relevance of scraping and polishing, and the significance of these markings being found on the interior and/or exterior of the sherd. I put these variables in stratigraphic context to illustrate change through time on the two sites excavated. My findings demonstrate that sherd scraping may be temporarily fixed, whereas sherd polishing is not definitively so. As a result of my research, I designated the new ceramic type, “San Martin Textured” which encompasses bold exterior scraped Trincheras sherds.