The Open Repository @Binghamton (The ORB)

The ORB is an open platform for faculty, students, and researchers affiliated with Binghamton University to promote, share and archive scholarly and creative works with audiences both local and around the globe. 

Benefits of housing and accessing works in the repository include:

  • OPEN ACCESS & VISIBILITY - Works are directly discoverable through all major search engines and are not blocked by subscription walls. Visibility increases the chances of your works being shared, read, and cited
  • SIMPLIFIED COPYRIGHT - All submissions are reviewed for copyright, which takes the verification burden off the shoulders of the scholar
  • SATISFIES FUNDING MANDATES - As a non-commercial platform, use of The ORB fulfills government funding agencies requirements to publish, share research openly
  • EASY, CONVENIENT UPLOADS - Submissions can either be self-archived or uploaded by library staff making the process simple and straightforward
  • RELIABLE DIGITAL STORAGE - Prevents from the loss of digital files; this is especially important for digital files that are only stored on a limited number of devices


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