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frequency seriation, occurrence seriation, cultural transmission

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Archaeological analytics


These Microsoft Excel based worksheets include macros for creating frequency and occurrence seriations. They are do provide solutions to seriation but offer graphical depictions of the relative frequencies/occurrence for assemblages that can be manipulated in a manner consistent with Ford based approaches.


These macros were written (by Tim Hunt) back in 1995 and then updated by Lipo in 2006. We cannot promise that they still function given the changes in Microsoft Visual Basic.

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This work was originally published in 1997:

Carl P. Lipo, Mark E. Madsen, Robert C. Dunnell, Tim Hunt, Population Structure, Cultural Transmission, and Frequency Seriation, Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, Volume 16, Issue 4, 1997, Pages 301-333, ISSN 0278-4165, (

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