The annual Binghamton University (BU) EcoBlitz is a community science opportunity to collect environmental data on Binghamton Campus and associated properties. The main goal of the event is to learn more about the local biodiversity and environmental conditions at Binghamton University and engage with the local community! This annual event occurs during the spring semester for 2 weeks and will kick off its first year on April 30th, 2022. Participants include members of the local community (service groups, scouts, etc.), members of the university (students, faculty, staff, alumni), and Binghamton University collaborators (professors, labs, graduate students, clubs, etc.).

This repository includes submissions of biodiversity data collected with the application iNaturalist and any other relevant data collection. For mor information regarding the event, visit 2022 EcoBlitz.

This event is hosted by the BU Center for Integrated Watershed Studies (CIWS). To learn more about the CIWS, visit Center for Integrated Watershed Studies.


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