Winter 1-21-2017

March Location

Washington, D.C.


Anne, Brian and I had been standing for hours in almost the same spot. It was so crowded at the March that it was almost impossible to move even a foot. We thought we would be marching at 1pm. It was past 3pm when we finally we began to march. This picture was taken when we reached Constitution Ave. Although it may not appear like it, we were giddy about being able to swing our arms. The signs were created by my sister Meghan Rushton.

Image Credits and Rights

Taken by Brian Mintey


After the election, and every day since actually, I have been in a state of shock, fear, disbelief and disgust. I have also been feeling very overwhelmed and helpless. Attending the Women's March in Washington DC was an amazing experience. Seeing so many women (and men) unite was empowering and moving.


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