Winter 1-21-2017

March Location

Binghamton, NY


We gathered near the statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. in Confluence Park on the banks of the Chenango River that morning, but the crowd was so huge that we were all the way westward across the bridge to Front Street, and assembled across the street from the park, and on down both sides of Court Street. As a result, some people only had to walk a few blocks to get to this location: the steps of the Court House. I took this photo from the top of the stairs, at the west side of the building. In the background, behind the statue, is the Security Mutual building.

Image Credits and Rights

Taken by Danielle R. Swart


I marched because of the negative, hateful, divisive language that spewed from Donald Trump and the threat he and those who supported him posed to all I feel this country stands for. I needed to see that I was not alone, and to be there so that others saw me and knew they were not alone, either.


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