Illustrating challenges and practicing competencies for global technology-assisted collaboration: lessons from a real-time north-south teaching collaboration

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telecollaboration, digital fluency, teamwork, public affairs education


In this paper, we outline the structure, goals, and lessons from our international teaching and learning collaboration in the spring 2015 semester. We took two public affairs courses with students in a U.S. and a Colombian university and combined them into a single hybrid course with the use of technology. The main goals of the course were to expose students to issues regarding governance in the twenty-first century in a technological, globalized and diverse world, and to recognize and work on their own competencies to be successful public affairs practitioners in such a world. We document four lessons learned from the experience which can help to improve practice and assist others who wish to engage in a virtual teaching and learning collaboration. We encourage other professors to engage in this type of technology-facilitated international exchange if they incorporate these lessons and can align desired competencies and learning objectives.

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