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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies

First Advisor

Donald R. Coates

Second Advisor

Paul fnos

Third Advisor

John H. Moss

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Glacial epoch -- Chenango Valley


The basic objective of this paper is to reconstruct the history and manner of deglaciation in the Chenango River area of New York. To accomplish this objective it was necessary (1) to evaluate the planar-surface features within the Chenango River Valley and parts of the Susquehanna and Unadilla River valley with respect to the manner of deglaciation (20 to map the surfaicial geology and evaluate the sediments deposited and landforms created (3) to delineate between the "Binghamton" and "olean" type sediments, and (4) to reconstruct a fleistocene history with the relationship between glacial drift and the retreating ice margin.