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Topological spaces, Topology, Selection theory, Infinite dimensional spaces, Continuous single-valued approximations, Semi-continuous multivalued mappings

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mathematical Sciences

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Prabir Roy

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Louis F. McAuley

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Harry W. Berkowitz


Science and Mathematics


The extension problem is one of the fundamental problems of topology; if TX and Y are topological spaces and A is a closed subset of X and f:A —> Y is a continuous function, under what conditions is there »a continuous function fzx + Y such‘ that fIA = f ? Two key theorems of topology deal with this problem. They are the Tietze Extension A Theorem and the Brouwer No—Retraction Theorem. The first states that 1‘:-X is a normal Hausdorff space and Y is the real line then any continuous function f from a closed subset A of X into Y can be extended to a continuous function from X into Y . The second states that if X is the (n +1) -ball and Y and A are both the n-sphere bounding X in En+1 then the identity mapping from A to Y cannot be extended to a continuous function from X to Y.