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Memory Recollection, Non-intersecting memory sets

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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C. James Scheirer

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Jane Connor

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George E. Deane


The present series of studies was intended to investigate the effect of presenting an item in both long and short-term memory sets. The Sternberg, the Atkinson, and the Murdock models make different predictions about what would be expected to occur in this situation. Besides these theoretical considerations, the present series of studies may also help to explain the inconsistencies which exist between studies in which both long and short-term set must be retained. Serial position effects were also investigated in conjunction with the intersecting of the long and short-term sets. Serial position results are of theoretical importance because exhaustive scanning models have difficulty explaining them. Klatzky and Smith (1972) have also used serial position effects to detect changes in the subject’s processing strategy such as reorganization of the memory set. In the present series of studies serial position results were used as both a means of detecting changes in processing strategy and to evaluate certain models of memory processing.