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Conformal mapping, Homotopy theory, Manifolds (Mathematics)

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mathematical Sciences

First Advisor

Louis F. McAuley

Second Advisor

Patricia McAuley

Third Advisor

David A. Edwards


We prove the converse of a theorem of McAuley (TOPO - 72 - General Topology and its Applications, Proc. 1972. Springer Lecture Notes, Vol. 378) and thus complete a characterization of light-open mappings between Peano continua by a sequence of special coverings of the domain. We also prove some covering homotopy theorems for a certain class of finite-to-one open maps and show that a classifying space exists for maps in this class, where point inverses consist of either n points or one point, provided a certain type of covering space exists. In addition, we have the following corollary to our work:

Theorem. A finite-to-one proper open map f:X ⇒Y between connected separable n-manifolds without boundary is the orbit map of a group action if and only if f|x - f-1(f(Bf)) is a regular covering where Bf is the set of points at which f fails to be a local homeomorphism.

This generalizes a result of Edmonds (Branched Coverings and the Geometry of n - circuits, to appear.)