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Transition metal compounds, Complex compounds, Amines

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Gilbert E. Janauer

Second Advisor

Stanley K. Madan

Third Advisor

Clifford E. Myers


Although the research reported in this thesis is purely fundamental, it was of interest to me to discover some of the areas in which knowledge of the systems studied here might have practical application.

Polyamines themselves are important biologically and are found in various body fluids and also in decaying tissue. Triethylenetetramine and other polyamines are essential in the processing of rubber.

Complexes of cobalt(III) with triaminotriethylamine and triethylenetetramine have been shown to be effective in promoting the cleavage of N-terminal amino acid residues from peptides. Chromium(III) complexes of amines and polyamines, both monomers and dimers, are necessary to chrome tanning.

Complexes containing rhodium and iridium are used as catalysts for many industrial processes. More specifically, ammonium salts of hexachloro and hexabromo complexes of rhodium(IlI) and iridium(III) are used as sensitizers in photographic processes.

Finally, a chloro-ammine complex of platinum(II) has been cited as one of the most promising antitumor agents tested in recent years, and chromium(III) and rhodium(IlI) complexes of the same type are being subjected to extensive investigation.

It is hoped that the fundamental studies reported here will make some contribution to our understanding of coordination compounds and their reactions.