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Master of Science (MS)



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J. David Jentsch


Research in animal models and human subjects points towards reward sensitivity and impulsivity as being characteristics that predict greater positive subjective responses to stimulant drugs. The Collaborative Cross (CC) recombinant inbred mouse strains and their inbred founders are a powerful genetic reference panel that has potential as a tool for revealing genetic correlations. The CC/DO founder strains were used to examine the heritability of reward sensitivity and impulsivity traits. Founder strains were tested for activity in an open field, reward sensitivity, and reversal learning (impulsive action) or delay discounting (impulsive choice). Significant heritability for anticipatory responding within the reversal task, k-value within delay discounting, locomotor activity, and reward sensitivity was found. Reversal total trials to criteria was positively correlated with ethanol intake in females. This research was conducted with the Center for Systems Neurogenetics of Addiction’s (CSNA) effort to characterize CC and DO mice for multiple, cocaine abuse related traits.

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