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Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE)

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Dr. Daryl Santos


A design of experiment analysis is reported on data from warpage simulations using finite element analysis of a lidded electronics package. Warpage in a lid of an optical electronics package can detrimentally affect the reliability of the package as well as its optical performance. The present study focuses on the variety of materials and designs of lids relevant to recent technologies in electronics packaging. The finite element analysis (FEA) formulation in this study accurately predicts deformation and warpage in the elastic region with optimal computational time achieved through a choice of boundary conditions and mesh sensitivity studies.

The results from FEA are compared to analytical calculations made using the classical laminate plate theory (CLPT) as well as the modified Suhir’s theory. It is observed that FEA results are more accurate as they account for the performance of die attach/ underfill materials regardless of the small thickness of the layer. The FEA data are finally used to conduct a design of experiments (DOE) analysis to investigate the influence of 3 distinct designs and 6 material choices on warpage of a lid. The analysis indicates that there is no significant interaction between the two parameters expected to affect the warpage in the lid. Material properties of the lid are found to have a greater effect on the warpage of the lid as compared to variabilities introduced in lid designs in this study. The FEA simulations performed consider only material behavior within the elastic limit and, in some situations, plastic deformation may occur which is more permanent and as such requires a more comprehensive analysis in the plastic region to enhance the data set for DOE studies.

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