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Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE)


Systems Science and Industrial Engineering

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Dr. Mohammad T. Khasawneh


Healthcare contact centers often experience a large volume of calls and traditional standardized guidelines can be difficult to follow during an active call. While more common workflows can be memorized, they change often because Healthcare is a dynamic field. Constant updates to workflows, an abundance of different processes and provider preferences, and a fast paced environment can lead Customer Service Liaisons (CSLs) to handle patient inquiries incorrectly. Active decision support tools enable a CSL to follow an updated workflow without needing to navigate through complex guidelines and emails. This research shows that contact center centralization through the use of decision support tools can reduce Average Speed to Answer by 70 seconds even with an increase to Average Handle Time by 30 seconds. This research also identifies key features the tool may need to facilitate widespread adoption by clinicians and CSL alike.