Submissions from 2014


Nested governance for effective REDD plus : institutional and political arguments, Prakash Kashwan and Robert Holahan

Submissions from 2013


Seismic Anisotropy of the Upper Crust in the Mountain Ranges of Taiwan from the TAIGER Explosion Experiment, Kuo-Chen Hao, Piotr Sroda, Francis T. Wu, Chien-Ying Wang, and Yao-Wen Kuo

Submissions from 1998


Onshore/ offshore wide-angle deep seismic profiling in Taiwan, Y. H. Yeh, R. C. Shih, C. H. Lin, C. C. Liu, H. Y. Yen, B. S. Huang, C. S. Liu, P. Z. Chen, C. S. Huang, C. J. Wu, and Francis T. Wu