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Spring 5-13-2020


remote sensing, landmines, landmine, UXO, PFM-1, unmanned aerial vehicle, UAV, convolutional neural networks, CNN


This is an orthophoto of a mine field of scatterable PFM-1 landmines in a sand environment. This photogrammetric data was collected on May 13th, 2020 at Binghamton University, New York with a DJI Phantom 4 UAV, and processed in Pix4DMapper. Flight 13/15 PFM-1 Body buried.

flight_13_transparent_mosaic_group1.prj (1 kB)
Orthophoto metadata .prj

flight_13_transparent_mosaic_group1.tfw (1 kB)
Orthophoto metadata .tfw

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