Harpur Palate: a Literary Journal

Harpur Palate: a Literary Journal

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Contributors: David Bersell | Ben Black | Emma Bolden | Holly Burnside | Michael Chaney | Liz N. Clift | Susan Cohen | George Drew | Shawn Fawson | Ricky Garni | John Gifford| Chris Haug | Ivan Hobson | Erin Hoover | Austin Kodra | Adam Lambert | Richard Luftig | Caitlin McGuire | Lindsay Merbaum | Sarah Fawn Montogomery | M. G. Moscato | Devin Murphy | Jacob Newberry | John A. Nieves | David O'Connell | Andrea O'Rourke | Jacob Oet | Peter Sears | Carrie Shipers | Anthony Spinner | Dennis James Sweeney | Sara Wallace | Soon Wiley


Editors: Trisha Cowen; Melanie J. Cordova | Fiction Editors: Corey Pentoney; Rachael Xerri | Nonfiction Editors: Jason Allen; Kayleigh Wanzer | Poetry Editors: Dante Di Stefano; Abby E. Murray; Nicole Santalucia | Faculty Advisor: Maria Mazziotti Gillan | Interns: Shira Gelfand; Kathleen Keogh | Poetry & Prose Board: Benjamin Burgholzer; Julian Darragjati; Joel Davis; Sara Erdmann; James Fitz Gerald; Rose Fritzky- Randolph; Jay Glassie; Susanna Hempstead; Hannah Ledford; Robert Ryan; Brian Trimboli | Cover Artwork: Deanna Dorangrichia | Founding Editor: Toiya Kristen Finley



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