Harpur Palate: a Literary Journal

Harpur Palate: a Literary Journal

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Contributors: Rebecca Baggett | Harry Bauld | Brandon Bell | Carol Berg | Vanessa Blakeslee | Conor Bracken | Callista Buchen | Jimmie Cumbie | Maria D'Alessandaro | Kwame Dawes | Hannah Dow | Jeff Ewing | Brad Felver | Dylan Henderson | Joseph Holt | Patricia Horvath | Lesley Jenike | M.P Jones IV | Christopher Kempf | Matt Kish | Michael Lauchlan | Mercedes Lawry | Ruth Madievsky | Hugh Martin | Danielle Mitchell | Jimmy J. Pack Jr. | Sarah Pape | Michael Pontacoloni | Richard Prins | Nicole Rollender | Mike Salisbury | Wendy Scott | Noel Sloboda | Chris Speckman | Ty Stumpf | Bob Watts | Charles Harper Webb | Larry James Wormington | Lauren Yarnall


Editor in Chief: Melanie J. Cordova | Managing Editor: Jason Allen | Fiction Editors: Jason Allen; Julian Darragjati | Nonfiction Editor: Rose Fritzky-Randolph | Poetry Editors: Dante DiStefano; Abby E. Murray; Sri Siddhi N. Upadhyay | Faculty Advisor: Maria Mazziotti Gillan | Interns: Thomas Mackin; Kaitlyn Schembri | Poetry & Prose Board: Roberta Borger; Riya Das; Joel Davis; Jessica Femiani; Carolyn Keller; Brian Kelly; Hannah Ledford; Liam Meilleur; Paige Pelletier | Cover Artwork: Matt Kish | Founding Editor: Toiya Kristen Finley



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