Harpur Palate: a Literary Journal

Harpur Palate: a Literary Journal

Volume 17, Number 2 (2018)



Jerry M. Burger


Bonus Round
Nickalus Rupert



B. Anne Adriaens


Orphaned Keys
B. Anne Adriaens


Burning Field
Jenna Bazzell


Imaginary Homeland
Jenna Bazzell


The Hermitage At Laurel Dell
Benjamin Gucciardi


Emily Hockaday


Her Detroit Muse Speaks
Alyssa Jewell


For Gladys
Alyssa Jewell


Elizabeth Knapp


Ninth Year: Willow
Elizabeth Knapp


Night Lives
Bibhu Padhi


Willa Schneberg


Once I was A Slave In Egypt
Willa Schneberg


A Supermarket In Kentucky
Conor Scruton


Chasm / Closet / Backyard / Clash
Virginia Smith Rice


Forced Thin (Disappear)
Virginia Smith Rice


All The President's Men
Cassondra Windwalker


Self-Portrait As Seam Sewer
Ian C. Williams


M. Drew Williams


Low Country
M. Drew Williams


The Garden
Faye Zhang

Creative Nonfiction


Self Portraits
Amy Miller


Sara Sass

Full Issue


Editors in Chief
Heather Humphrey
S. Liam Meilleur
Fiction Editors
S. Liam Meilleur
Heather Humphrey
Nonfiction Editors
Bernadette Roe
Poetry Editor
Amanda Biltucci
Brian Kelly
Faculty Advisor
Maria Mazziotti Gillan
Amber Winestock
Poetry & Prose Board
Ethan Gormley
Ashley Montgomery
Founding Editor
Toiya Kristen Finley

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