Harpur Palate: a Literary Journal

Harpur Palate: a Literary Journal

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Contributors: Bruce Holland Rogers | Mark Rudolph | Luivette Resto | Paul Michel | Tony Medina | Sara Johnson | William P. Robertson | Alison Hoffmann | Justin Stanchfield | Lory Bedikian | Benjamin Vogt | Darrin Doyle | Katherine McCord | Shari R. Fineman | Frederick Zydek


Managing Editor: Toiya Kristen Finley | Assistant Managaing Editors: Dave Spector; Jian Sun | Associate Editor: Joe Bisz | Assistant Associate Editors: Michelle Dien; Lisa Greenwald | Fiction Editor: Toiya Kristen Finley | Poetry Editors: Catherine Dent; Anne Rashid | Layout Editor: Jennifer H. Kim | Publicity Chair: Phillip Mandel; Leah Umansky | Treasurer: Ann Campbell | Webmaster: Alex Goodman | Faculty Advisor: Maria Mazziotti Gillan; Davis Schneiderman



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