Harpur Palate: a Literary Journal

Harpur Palate: a Literary Journal

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Contributors: Jacob M. Appel | Devon Miller-Duggan | Salvatore Attardo | Rumit Pancholi | Blake Butler | W. Todd Kaneko | Jona Colson | Brian Russell | Patricia Engel | Patrick Carrington | Ron McFarland | Denise Duhamel | Sinduja Sathiyaseelan | Rumit Pancholi | Sharon Doyle | Charles Eldred, Hokusai, Albrecht Durer, Unknown, Luca Giordana, Benjamin West | John T. Tigonis | Amy Bracken Sparks | T. J. Forrester | Meg Franklin | Phoebe Reeves | Joseph J. Capista | Jim Daniels | Robert Long Foreman | Elizabeth Fogle | Jared Walls | Wendy Barker | Dave Peters | Michael Homolka | Micah Ling | Sara Kaplan | Jenny Hanning | Sandra M. Castillo | Rebecca Givens | Jessica Goodfellow


Editors: Holly Wendt | Associate Editors: Devon Branca, Kim Vose |Fiction Editors: Barret Bowlin, Eve Rutherford | Poetry Editors: Wanda Alarcon, Sarah Jefferis, José Rodriguez | Layout Editor: Bill Zeiders | Art Editor: Lynne Schneider | Faculty Advisor: Maria Mazziotti Gillan | Founding Editor: Toiya Kristen Finley | Advisory Editor: Kathryn Henion | Interns: Ryan Dunham, Camden Flath, Suzanne Gorey | Marketing & Publicity: Jackie Kerner



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