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Winter 1-31-2021


Divorce, Unappreciation, Jealousy, Sexual rejection, Infidelity, Abuse, Social Exchange Theory, Attachment styles


Marriage, a commitment between two individuals who share feelings and believe their connection to be long-term--- is common to terminate in the form of divorce. Justifications for such an act have been previously studied and found to be due to a plethora of reasons. In this essay, the five common reasons of unappreciation, jealousy, sexual rejection, infidelity, and abuse were highlighted. Additionally, experiences and memories of one can majorly affect behavior and point of view towards their partner. Through the analysis of this research, I have concluded that the success of marriage all boils down to the act of reciprocating communication and satisfaction. In the case that one of these two variables is absent, the marriage begins to lose value and causes partners to question their union.