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Fall 10-1-2020


Research Profiles, Research Impact, Social Media, Orcid, Twitter, Academic Communication, Scholarly Communication


Creating and maintaining online research profiles can be incredibly beneficial in broadening the reach of your research, increasing your impact, connecting you with fellow researchers, and providing you with tools to track your body of work. Joined by three additional colleagues: Beth Brown (Director of Assessment and Scholarly Communication, Libraries); Robert Lawrence (Research Development Specialist,
Office of Strategic Research Initiatives); and Amy Gay (Digital Scholarship Librarian, Libraries), we discuss the broad range of research profile services available. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, resources such as ORCID, Research Gate, the Binghamton ORB, and social media accounts. We cover the uses, benefits, drawbacks, and best practices of these various tools, as well as how to get started in creating and managing your own online research profiles.

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