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A (4,5) torus knot 10" in diameter, 3.25" thick, with a hollow core; it weighs approximately 17 pounds. The image shows the sculpture after some initial polishing


Required the preparation of a core of mold material (sand and resin), carved into the (4,5) torus knot. That core was covered by a layer of plastiline clay to make a layer on top of the core. The result was placed in a two-part sand and resin mold. After that set, the two parts were separated, and the clay covered core had to be dug out and the clay removed. Then the sand core alone was placed inside the two-part mold, held away from it by six small pillars of core material made as spacers by punching out small disks of the clay before the two-part outer molds were made. Access holes, gating grooves and air vents were drilled in the outer mold, and it was all glued together, banded with three steel bands, and cups for pouring in were added to the outside. This was all done in four days. This bronze pour was held on April 16, 2012,


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