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Shahrzad Towfighian -

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MEMS, Triboelectricty, Electrostatic Levitation, Sensors


We demonstrate that an electrostatic levitation MEMS switch can be operated by applying mechanical pres- sure to a triboelectric generator. The toggling mechanism of the switch draws no current but requires a high actuating voltage, while the generator can supply a high voltage but only produces microwatts of power. The synergistic combination results in an entirely self-powered sensor and switch; the normally-closed MEMS switch can be toggled open by applying a threshold force to the generator without the need for any outside power or supplementary circuitry. A model of the MEMS switch and electrostatic force is validated with experimental data. An output voltage versus input force relationship for the generator is experimentally extracted.

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This article is published in Applied Physical Letters. Visit their site here:



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