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In Spring 2016, I finished my internship in Multicultural Resources Center (MRC) at Binghamton University. With the purpose of promoting diversity on campus,MRC offers various training programs and educational opportunities for university students and staff. Currently, MRC has served cultural groups, LGBTQ,religious groups. However, it is lack of meaningful activities to support thereligious groups. Therefore, my project aims to help MRC to identify effective ways to better serve the religious community on campus.In 2011, President Obama launched the Interfaith and Community ServiceCampus Challenge. It encourages people from different religious and non- religious backgrounds addressing community challenges together. AlthoughBinghamton University is on the list of the Community Service Honor Roll, theuniversity has not been recognized for Interfaith partnership. My project will assist Binghamton University in actively responding to PresidentObama’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge. Also, it willcontribute to meet one of Binghamton University’s Strategic Priorities --- tounite to foster a diverse and inclusive campus culture.

Publication Date

Fall 2016


Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration


Capstone Project

Proposal to Better Support Religious Groups at Binghamton University