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In nonprofit development, it is important to have diversified funding, meaning there is funding coming from multiple places, such as: •Individual Donors •Grants •Partnerships Even within those categories of funding, it is important to be diverse. This Capstone focuses on diversifying LitWorld’s individual donor base through engaging, retaining, and cultivating young professional donors. A guide was created for the organization which outlines two different projects which can be put in place to achieve a diversified young professional donor base. These projects are designed to be managed by LitWorld’s Young Professional Group, in order to engage the group further, and because they are the best resource for these projects. The projects are: Fundraising Dinners for young professionals, aimed at meeting the objectives of growth and cultivation, and the creation of Giving Circles with the young professionals involved in LitWorld, aimed at meeting the objectives of retention and growth.

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Engaging, Retaining, and Growing LitWorld’s Young Professional Donor Base