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Spring 2009


economic development, federal funds


Southern Tier East Regional Planning Development Board (STERPDB) is the primary funneling system of the Economic Development Administration and Appalachian Regional Commission Federal Funds to the Southern Tier area of New York State. STERPDB currently has leadership approaching retirement within the next five years and there is no succession plan in place. This would leave STERPDB with a lack of leadership and result in an ineffective organization. This study strives to answer what the key stakeholders at STERPDB would like to see for the future of STERPDB as well as what action will be necessary to foster a successful transition of leadership at STERPDB. To approach this problem, Stevens' (2001) diagnostic framework based on Organizational Lifecycle Theory is used in the administering of an internet-based survey of the key stakeholders of STERPDB. Results showed that the perception of STERPDB in a decline stage is statistically different than the perception of STERPDB in a mature stage.Finally, recommendations are offered to STERPDB as to how they can move their organization into a viable maturity stage through the appointment of new leadership and reassessment of current structure of the organization.

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