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Fall 2010


cost analysis, school resources


Unatego is a rural, upstate New York school district with a student population of slightly under 1,100. Both New York State education regulations and district policy determine the educational policy for the school district. Nearly sixty-three percent of Unatego's funding is derived from state sources. However, in the recent past, these resources have been decreased, compelling Unatego to explore alternative avenues to meet programmatic needs. From this exploration process, three distinctive alternatives emerged. This analysis attempts to determine which alternative is optimal for Unatego as an organization. Cost analysis techniques found in the Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) is utilized to determine the financial composition of each alternative. This is followed by an assessment of stakeholder acceptability. The key findings of the analysis is that merging the district's elementary schools would yield the greatest net cost savings and that having a K-2,3-5 configuration is the most acceptable to stakeholders.

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