Suzanne Plousos


The Battle of Queenston Heights bears great significance for Canadian War of 1812 enthusiasts. This victory cemented Niagara Loyalists’ sympathy for the British cause and inspired militia units to stand against the American invasion of Upper Canada. When Major General Isaac Brock fell leading a desperate charge to retake Redan Battery, he gave Canadians an exemplary hero. Even today, the monument honoring Brock towers over the landscape, denoting the significance of the Battle of Queenston Heights in forging a new sense of Canadian identity. Throughout this historic engagement, Redan Battery played a pivotal role in the action for both American invaders and for British defenders and their allies. In 1975, Parks Canada archaeologist Elizabeth Snow excavated the battery to record the structural layout for restoration of the gun emplacement. Reviewing Snow’s archaeological site collection in preparation for the 200th anniversary of the battle, yielded unanticipated evidence of Brock’s fateful day, 13 October 1812.