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translation, methodology, cross-cultural psychology, relationships, couples, relationship quality, Spanish, translation methodology




Relationship research in the United States has focused primarily on White couples, with less focus placed on Latinx couples. Contributing to this problem is a lack of Spanish measures to assess relationship quality, functioning, and sentiment, creating a significant barrier to treatment and research participation for Spanish-speakers. We address this issue by improving the Spanish translations of five relationship measures that were previously translated but were not psychometrically equivalent to their original English versions (Author, 2015). We used sequential stages of item analysis, cognitive probing, and re-translation to improve the equivalence of these measures. This process resulted in updated versions of the translations and recommendations regarding the translation of assessment instruments. Developing valid Spanish measures of couple functioning will be critical in expanding research and interventions in Latinx populations.


Included here are the relevant research materials used in this manuscript, including raw data for qualitative and quantitative analyses and codes used in analyses.

MA Web Response Coding Scheme Copy.docx (27 kB)
Cognitive Probing Coding Scheme

3.13.21 DIF analyses final.sps (41 kB)
Syntax for Running DIF Analyses

DIF Dataset--6.sav (2443 kB)
Dataset for DIF Analyses

Web Coding Scheme Final Codes.numbers (1053 kB)
Codes from Cognitive Probing