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Foundation for Measuring Community Sustainability
Pamela A. Mischen, George C. Homsy, Carl P. Lipo, Robert Holahan, Valerie Imbruce, Andreas Pape, Joe Graney, Ziang Zhang, Louisa M. Holmes, and Manuel Reina


The Ethnohistory of Freshwater Use on Rapa Nui (Easter Island, Chile)
Sean W. Hixon, Robert J. Dinapoli, Carl P. Lipo, and Terry L. Hunt


Leadership Competency Expectations of Employers and the Expanding Mission of Career Centers
Christine Y. Cruzvergara, Joseph A. Testani, and Kelli K. Smith


A tunable triboelectric wideband energy harvester
Daniel Nelson, Alwathiqbellah Ibrahim, and Shahrzad Towfighian

*Updated as of 07/16/19.