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Food insecurity is a serious problem in schools across Broome County, and the programs implemented to mitigate its effects must be researched and assessed for their effectiveness. Food insecurity affects hundreds of children throughout the county, causing health effects like diabetes and a drop in academic performance. The programs that work to lessen these effects in Broome County, including the Rock on Café and Binghamton University Food Pantry, aim to provide nutritional and affordable food to students on all educational levels. In order to assess these programs, I am interviewing organizers of such programs and asking them questions to gather qualitative data on the effects of food insecurity. Additionally, I am utilizing survey results of Binghamton University students and studies on Broome County food insecurity to find both qualitative and quantitative data for evaluation. I intend to find statistics on the number of students that require such programs and the nutritional level of the food provided within the interviews and survey. In interviewing those involved in the food insecurity programs, I will have descriptions of the workings of these programs and how effective they have found them to be in increasing academic performance and decreasing adverse health effects. Based on literature review and preliminary data, it seems while there are an abundance of food deserts within Broome County, the food supplement programs are providing nutritional food to many students while continually expanding the programs to reach a broader population. This research will provide an overview of the current situation of food insecurity in Broome County schools and how effectively it is being managed through statistics on students utilizing the program and the perspective of individuals who see the program in use.



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Food Insecurity Programs in Broome County Schools