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This presentation investigates the relationship between Central America’s Northern Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras) and the United States in terms of both arms sales and migration during the Obama and Trump administrations. One of the primary reasons for migration is the high rate of gun violence, and as the U.S. is the biggest contributor of arms to the region it is natural to argue that there is a direct correlation between the U.S.’s sales of arms to the Northern Triangle and the migration from the region to the U.S. This presentation also analyzes, from a historical context, the United States’ responsibility to aid the Northern Triangle, through the implementation of legislation controlling gun sales to the area. Utilizing U.S. legislation, news articles, UN resolutions, and scholarly articles, this paper explains the importance of the correlation between arms sales and migration to the United States. The sources would also be used to establish precedence as to how a form of legislative intervention would affect the migration to the United States. The Obama and Trump administrations employed different strategies to mitigate the “migrant crisis”, but neither administration made efforts to mitigate the violence in the region. By contrasting the legislative action during the administrations, this presentation helps distinguish the actions that were beneficial and harmful to decreasing migration from the Northern Triangle to the U.S. Migration from the Northern Triangle has caused controversial conversations to arise throughout the United States. This presentation aims to determine the potential consequences of legislative actions from the United States and the impact it would have on both parties. The paper develops a course of action that would best help the Biden Administration decrease the violence in the Northern Triangle and, thus, the migration to the U.S.



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Correlation between Arm Sales and Migration in Central America’s Northern Triangle and the United States during the Obama and Trump Administrations