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Visual media play a significant role in people’s daily lives. The increase in visual media associated with by the internet and social media fuels our curiosity about the media’s influence on perceptions of healthy bodies. For the purposes of our research, we are defining a healthy body as a sustainable level of nutrition and exercise as reasonable with respect to a person’s ability. We are collecting data through an online survey that asks participants to view various images of celebrities and Olympians and determine whether they would consider their bodies as healthy or unhealthy on a Likert scale. The participants will not be given any prior information on the diets and exercise habits of the individuals in the photos, and must base their judgments strictly on the visuals presented. Our prediction is that there will be some discrepancy between perceived health and the appearance of the subjects’ bodies. We expect that the gender, age, and/or sexual orientation of the participants, as well as the gender presentation and race of the subjects will affect how these bodies are perceived.



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The Effect of Visual Media on General Perceptions of Healthy Bodies