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The COVID-19 pandemic has left many at home, looking for something to occupy their time. People have used social media platforms to share how they use their time with ample posts about baking, sewing, and painting. This project is particularly interested in the increasing popularity of painting, evident not only on social media, but also on television, for example, PBS’s “The Joy of Painting,” hosted by the much loved Bob Ross. While many young adults enjoy watching Bob Ross for its quiet tranquility, and the ironic pleasure of his distinctive mannerisms, there are those, perhaps, who are actually inspired to take up painting themselves. This research focuses on business reports from the art supply industry, that give a history of sales and sales projections, to support my contention that there has been a significant increase in amateur painting as a result of the pandemic. There have been earlier periods during which amateur painting has flourished, and I will compare the prevailing conditions that fostered increased creative activity historically, with the circumstances of confinement that we have recently been subject to. Keywords: amateur painting, amateur art, art supply industry, Bob Ross, pandemic recreation



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Analyzing the Relationship Between COVID and Amateur Painting